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      Brief Introduction On Jiangyin People’s Hospital





      Entitled as athird-gradeclass-A comprehensive hospital, JiangyinPeople'sHospital has integrated medical treatment,teaching,scientific research, preventive health care andrehabilitation. Atpresent, it is in service of being affiliated tothe MedicalCollege of Southeast University, Nantong University andJiangyinClinical College of Xuzhou Medical University, coupledwithJiangsu Provincial People's Hospital "StrategicCooperativeHospital". Moreover, Jiangyin People’s Hospital has beenhonorablyawarded with National-level Drug Clinical TrialInstitution,China Chest Pain Center Certification Body, ResidentDoctorStandardized Training Base of National Health andFamilyPlanning Commission. It is worth to mention thatJiangyinPeople’s Hospital is on behalf of a fifth-gradehospital forapplying electronic medical record system aswell as afourth-grade class-A hospital pertaining to NationalMedicaland Health Information Interconnection StandardizedMaturity.

       The hospital has setup two branches City Center Branchand Yushanwan Branchrespectively with a total of 2,623 openbeds, 1,591 open beds in theCity Center Branch and therest of 1,032 open beds in theYushanwan Branch.

      Guided by innovation-driven strategy,Jiangyin People’s Hospitalimplements the strategy ofreinvigorating hospitalthrough talents in an activemanner, giving toppriority to talent introductionand nurturing. Atpresent, the hospital is hometo 2,787employees, specificallyspeaking, 559 of them withsenior titles, 478 of them withdoctoral and master degrees, threeof them with postdoctoraldegrees, one of them in service of adoctoral tutor and 24of them in service of master tutors. Inthisextraordinary team, eight of them are the members oftheNational Committee of the Chinese Medical Association; 47 ofthemjoined in of the professional committees of othercounterpartsocieties; 40 of them play a role in theProfessionalCommittee of the Jiangsu Medical Association; one ofthem holds theposition of director of Wuxi Medical AssociationProfessionalCommittee and other 21 deputy directors; two ofthem wereentitled as "333" talents and nine young talents wereentitledas “Rejuvenating Healthcare through Education andScience” in Jiangsu Province.

      On the basis of integrated thesuperior technology andactive creation of keyspecialties, at present, it is inpossession of three keyclinical specialties in JiangsuProvince (respectively Orthopedics,Gastroenterology,Cardiovascular Medicine) and one key TCMclinicalspecialty in Jiangsu Province (Oncology ofIntegratedTraditional Chinese and Western Medicine). Additionally,thehospital has two key specialty constructionunits(neurosurgery, neurology) in Jiangsu Province,two keyTCM clinical specialty in Wuxi City (tumormedicine,endocrinology) and two key clinical nursingspecialtiesin Wuxi City (cardiovascular medicine,gastroenterology).

      Strong muscles in technologylay a solid foundation thatthe hospital has been ableto routinely carry outinterventional treatment pertainingto cardiovasculardiseases for such as chronic totalocclusion (CTO), maindiseases, bifurcation lesions andmulti-vessel diseases.Apart from above mentioned, the hospitalalso be proficient inradiofrequency ablation underthree-dimensional measurement ofatrial fibrillation, endoscopicsubmucosal dissection(ESD) and therapeutic endoscopicretrogradecholangiopancreatography (ERCP). The hospital is also anexpertat curing inflammatory bowel disease through fecalbacteriatransplantation technology; and at knee, hip,shoulderreplacement and revision operation. It excelsin anteriorand posterior cervical spine surgery, wholevertebral bodyresection and reconstruction, sacral tumor resection,complexpelvic acetabular surgery and sports medicinearthroscopicsurgery. The hospital is well adept at vascularinterventionaltherapy, complex intracranial tumor resection,functionalneurosurgery and neuroendoscopic surgery, coronary arterybypassgrafting, video- assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy,segmentalresection of lung, radical pancreaticoduodenectomy. It isan oldhand at radical resection of hilarcholangiocarcinoma, semi -hepatectomy, stent implantation forthoracoabdominal aorticaneurysm, laparoscopic radicalresection of rectal cancer,breast cancer stage I autologous freerectus abdominis flapreconstruction, Combined radical operation ofneck and chest fordifficult and complicated thyroid cancer,ultrasound-guided laserablation for solid tumors and other medicaltechnology projects .

      For a long time, the hospital is firmlyadhering to the tenetof “orientation to the patients andsaving lives” and thevision of “building amulti-functional, high quality andreliable third-grade class-Acomprehensive hospital”.  Hardwork and constant innovationmake it possible to be awarded with“National Top 100 Hospital”,“Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province”,“Basic Modernized Hospital ofJiangsu Province”. The hospital takesthe lead in the list of “ChinaTop 100 CountyHospital” according to Hong Kong AilibaiHospital ManagementResearch Center.


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