cuba musings

cuba was an interesting country. i was quite surprised at how flat the landscape was upon landing at the airport. the weather was pleasantly warm. their english was not as good as people in europe… but that can be expected. many chinese brand buses, perhaps old imports from china? as well as generally old automobiles. i think i went to check out one’s mileage and it was 500,000 + km!! i don’t think it’s possible for it to run for so long? my camry broke down at 200,000 O_o though we didn’t use it really that often. i wonder if they replace the engines? the cdn-peso conversion was disappointing. with all the complaints, and the fact that people operate slowly, their airports feeling COMMUNIST…

despite all this, i miss the vacation aspect. to be able to just wake up, eat, have no plans in particular and to be able to just enjoy life and nature with no worries, without the need to use phones, internet and such technology was blissful. wouldn’t all our lives be so simple without constant news and tech coming our way?

coming back to toronto, i only had 2.5 days of work. i survived. then christmas. but i sort of feel the stress coming. it’s inevitable. what am i particularly stressed at? maybe it’s the whole city life. the fact i don’t really want to go to work. there’s so much to improve on for yourself, for the home before work. the family obligations. the feeling that there is never enough time. it builds up. i feel my heart tightening.

a serious vacation is definitely on the to do list for next year.

i love the sight and sound of the ocean waves. the clear night skies. endless stars. mojitos. pina coladas. tropical weather.

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