crazy times

sometimes i act very crazy and feel sorry for my brother about it after cuz i feel like i would scar him for life. i keep forgetting to do things even though i have a “to do” list. i freaked out when i forgot to return the modem (AGAIN) and couldn’t find a walmart receipt when i’d remembered that it was important so i’d put it in a safe place. except i forgot where that safe place was. i found it on the floor with the rest of my receipts, except it was stuck in a way so that it blended in with my bookshelf so i couldn’t see it til i’d calmed down. so from now on I shall have a planner with me at all times. i want a bright coloured leather one O_O haha. or i could stick with a notebook.

i am such a lucky girl. thanks hun for dropping by in the midst of my craziness. >___< i calmed down after that.
crazy girl

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