crazed shopaholic

oh gosh. i must stop spending. but it seems that there is so much to buy. i want the coat. and the shoes. and the other pair of shoes. must control self!! but it is so hard. :( do i NEED it? probably not. do i WANT it? YES YES YES. will it make my life better? probably monetarily. Will it be a boost of self-confidence? most definitely! do i have the money? probably not. haha. oh gosh.

i found the belt! but they didn’t have it in my size >___< but i controlled myself. HURRAY it is nice though. but i never wear belts, and i don't really need one at the moment. i'd rather go buy shoes.

my current shoe closet: adidas X2, puma, fubu, 1 converse, 1 vans, 1 lacoste, 1 red flats, 1 green flats, 1 blue aldo dress, 1 bcbg, 1 red heel, 2 black heels, 1 aldo shiny, 1 birks, 3-7 flipflops (of which i wear only 3), 3 boots, 1 brown pump. that's all i can think of. so say 23 shoes. hum. oh and pink dress shoes, and gold wedge. 25. oh god. though i brought most of them on sale or at discount. and its a collection stemming from 6 years ago. on average 4 shoes per year. that doesn't sound too bad. har har. and you need shoes for different seasons and occasions right?

i think this is funny


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