oooooooooo i’m so mad! how can they make the new 2009 corolla look like the camry? i honestly thought it was a camry in the toyota commercial, so i was so shocked when it turned out it was a corolla. corollas are so common, and unappealing looking. plus, according to my dad’s friend, all the mainlanders have it, so he recommended getting a civic when we were car shopping last year. well i’d admit the new corolla looks better… but it feels like it devalues my camry by having a very similar front grill. is this how people feel when they see a knockoff of their designer gear? or i guess how people would feel if a really ugly person wore the same outfit? though i must admit i felt quite upset when i saw this girl wear the same red coat as me, and they were gross looking. i wanted to hide :( others say that having the same thing, it proves you have good taste and its a compliment. i would agree, except it looked rather terrible on them. connection that it’s horrid on myself as well? as a side thought, i’m very surprised i’ve only seen one other person ever with the same coat in the same colour considering i got it from gap. hurray!

One is a corolla the other is a camry.
Can you tell the difference?



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