confessions of a RECOVERING shopaholic

last month when i saw my december credit card statement, i seriously freaked out. there were so many  unbudgeted unplanned items that i suddenly had to pay for!
- new purse (it was the last one in the style i liked :( )
- canada goose coat (a necessity for winter)
- course fees (education… ahh!)
- payment to mom (cannot be avoided)
- christmas presents!

the car accident didn’t help either…

i thought my life was over and that i would forever sink into credit card debt land of recurring interest payments, so i vowed to never spend so much in one month again! plus most of the stuff i don’t REALLY need anyways. so… with determination and counselling from my coworkers, january’s bill turned out alright… and feb’s is not looking so bad considering i paid another thousand for courses. YAY. thus… do i deserve the tutu? most definitely. though i have this problem where i suddenly find everything so cheap when spring comes along… compared to winter wear that is. and i am torn because i already HAVE a tutu from forever 21… but it’s not like thisss :(

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