comme des garcons


i’d never heard of comme des garcons until two months ago, when i read an article online.  i was interested, but i only knew it was some japanese designer, and i would check it out if i had time. last month, i read an article in elle featuring this new line. the concept appealed to me. i’ve always found japanese style to be appealing, yet i don’t think i could ever put it together. the shapeless shirts the pants, the shoes. its very unique to say the least. of course, being the ultimate bargain shopper i knew i had to go check it out. high fashion at discounted prices? whoohoo!

slouchy pants.jpgoutfit.jpg
i went online and checked out the clothes. i found i LOVED the baggy crotch pants. there was something strangely appealing in them. then there was the polkadots. i’ve always wanted a polka dot cardigan. and the outfit in the middle was so fab! the malls open at 10, so i went there at 10:02. at first, i thought there was no one here… then i went to where the line was actually placed. it was utter madness. the place was packed, people were pushing, and grabbing as much as they could carry. so crazy!

katie holmes.jpg nicky-hilton-cdg-hm.jpg

i’m glad i found the cardigan. then i went home and found that katie holmes and nicky hilton had it before the collection even came out! ooo to be a celebrity and get free first dibs! i wanted this jacket… and i saw this girl holding like… 3-4 :( but she had it… boohoo


overall, it was quite the experience, to see the crowds first hand! i’m happy with my purchases. instead of the slouchy pants… i got these ones instead. i could probably wear them to work… i will think about it. haha. or return O_O

military pants.jpgmiltary pants.jpg
NO MORE SHOPPING… for a while O_O like.. boxing day. lol no good. i want the wool pants tho from club monaco. you know, must stay warm in the winter! and no more jeans… so…. je suis terrible

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