i love to clean! maybe not, but i love how it looks after its clean. i finally vacuumed my room after months and months of abandonment! it was crazy how thick the layers of dust were T__T next step: clear out shopping bag collection and figure out what to do with old clothes.

old clothes i haven’t worn since high school. i suppose it has a bit of sentimental value. and i could wear them as my pjs. but how many sets of pjs does one need? and there’s a LOT of clothes…SO… options are:
1. save them for my children. yeah right. but then again.. VINTAGE! O_O but its not my fave clothes in the world. so… do i want to store them for that many years?
2. sell them somehow. i’m sure its worth $2-5 per piece?? but the question then is… how? craigslist? garage sale(unlikely)? online somehow?
3. donate!!

hum… humm

tho today is a happy day! i thought ahead… and yearly calendars are out! from this year sept til next year dec. excellent. i got a nice one! YAY time to organize my schedule and get a hold of my life!

i do like these olden day ads. they are so quirky. hehe

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