christmas grump

i feel so grumpy and yucky nowadays, and not feeling like doing anything but sit at home and watch one piece.

i don’t know if it’s the cold weather, dreary skies, the thought of knowing that by the time i’m off work, that it’s dark already…

recently, i’ve been on a quest to sell things but it’s actually pretty hard to sell. i never imagined myself as a sales person, i hate sales people, and never really had an interest in sales.  i wonder how full time sales people do it, where their pay is contingent on their sales.  i suppose i’m glad that doesn’t apply to me.  but trying to make that extra money and to make a sale is actually pretty difficult. the whole thing depresses me -____-

to add to the depressing, my course is starting soon! gahhhhhhhh! i hate group work! :( i can’t wait for everything to be over in 6 months… then no more school!

i think my life is wasting away doing useless things. or maybe my expectations of my life were too high while in school.

what a depressing entry. reading this depresses me. i think it’s the fact that knowing that earning and saving money is difficult is also depressing. oh my!

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