after seeing this picture, i had the sudden urge for cheetos. if angelina’s babies eat cheetos, i might as well as fattening they may be. so i went to no frills and got it yesterday! =D i wanted the puffs, but they didn’t have any left. so i settled for the hard ones >___<

today i had my very first cadbury cream egg experience. i always thought the insides were marshmallows or something. it turned out it was some really sweet sugary white stuff. omg. it is unbelievably sweet and kinda gross cuz its so big. those commercials lied to me :( i’ll just stick with my mini eggs. and

danny kept telling me “OMG you’re lying again. you’ve had a creme egg before”
me: “no i haven’t. i’ve never had them”
danny: “stop lying AGAIN”

wtf. i think i would remember if i had one before. and i definitely have never had one or i wouldn’t have brought them and wasted my dollar.

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