busy bee summer

it’s already the first week of august! how crazy is that!! and in a week, one of my best friends will be getting married… oh my god. it’s expected and i’ve known of her engagement for close to a year now, but it still feels a little strange, a little crazy, and a little unbelievable.  she’s moving onto the next stage of her life! AHHH!

my mom told me today that grandma’s getting old and may not be able to catch my wedding… then asked when will i be getting married. yeah right. like i will tell you that information mom. HAHA

and there’s only a month til i’m off to asia! which i think will be oh so amazing! scratch that. i KNOW it will be so amazing. can’t wait for the lights, the crazy crowds, the shopping, the makeup, the beauty trends and all the technology they have there!

of course, in between the travelling i do like to relax… which is why we’ll be staying here!

and trying doctor fish, and doing eyelash extensions, and doing sparkle gel nails!  HOHOHO

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