Blogging Once a Day

Blogging every day consistently is actually pretty hard.  You really have to put in the effort, time and dedication to make it work.  I spent the evening looking for NYC hotels and man they are expensive!  I am currently debating whether to get a cheaper place and use that money towards food or to just be a baller and go broke.  The cheapest I’ve found so far is around $300/person for 4 nights.  Why is NYC so damn expensive?

Long weekend is coming up, though so far I have no plans.  I suppose I will just relax and see how things go.  My August goal of starting to study hasn’t started yet, nor of my wish to finish my last drama.  There’s so much to watch on TV from the Olympics.  Funny enough, I’m finding myself following it much closer than before and watching all the sports on TV.  I never realized judo was such a big event!  I also didn’t know there was indoor cycling.  I doubt Canada will score a gold, so I’ll just cheer for individual athletes I have soft spots for.

A project I thought was coming up at work has failed to materialize.  Now I will in the corner to be sad and bored (until day end tomorrow comes)!

There’s a new show on TLC that looks interesting called Breaking Amish – about 4 Amish youth that choose to leave their families and way of life for NYC.  Seems like an interesting concept.  It debuts on Sunday at 10 pm!

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