back to the grind

the weeks i’ve been back have been nonstop action packed!  it’s crazy!  i had my birthday party and nuit blanche (which wasn’t that amazing), then i went to an xjapan concert (which was REALLY AMAZING).  i really loved xjapan and their ballads way back in the days of 1999 and 2000.  however, by that time the band had already broken up.  i was so excited they were coming to toronto, except i forgot to buy my tickets on the first day it came out. haha.

lucky for us, it wasn’t a sold out show, so we upgraded our seats to the best possible on the upper level!  i think what makes a rock band a true rock band is even though their audience isn’t full, they still work the audience and it felt amazing.  i thought i was on drugs actually -___- the xjapan cult!

i also had a thing for luna sea, and their guitarist became xjapan’s 6th member to fill for hide! AHHHHHHHH even better!  sugizo and yoshiki’s violin and piano duet was amazing too.

i wonder how their new english album would turn out… i want a hide doll!!!!!!! for aging rockers, they’re looking pretty young.  they also look good with their tight pants haha

then, it was thanksgiving weekend!!! which passed by like a blur!

the weekend after, it was my dear sis’ bday at lee, which was pretty good asian fusion!  in fact, probably one of the better ones i’ve ever had in toronto.

then i went to brasaii with a friend.  the service was good.  they were retarded though in the sense that they had tons of space, but sat everyone close together.

then… i went to see wicked! and boy was it wicked!!!  the acting and songs were superb.  i loved the set – its evolution was awesome.  plus, i think glinda reminded me of me!  haha.

now, it’s thursday at work and i have nothing to look forward to anymore. all my activities are done! maybe ROM next month… for TERRACOTTA WARRIORS!

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