back from nyc and many dollars poorer

whoohoo. i am back from nyc! and many a dollars poorer.  haha. i went crazy at anthropologie not knowing that there’s a store in toronto! omg. how sad

i love when stores have competition. so today at tim horton’s they’re giving away a free iced coffee from 12-5 pm. so… mcdonald’s is giving out a free iced coffee too! but for a whole day and the coffee is so much larger. amazing amazing. i am tempted to get one more after work, just because its free. haha. i am the  ultimate sucker for good deals

things to buy:
1. new purse!!!
2. new sunglasses?
3. new summer sandals!
4. some more key pieces for summer work wardrobe

but overall, must also save money. save save save. yes yes. after i buy my purse. and summer sandals. hehehe

nyc was super!
day 1: alice’s teacup, met, met for lunch, soho, little italy for dinner, chinatown ice cream factory for dessert
day 2: times square, moma, moma for lunch, 5th ave, international food fest, max brenner, takeout dinner w/viet meatball sandwich, corn, articokes pizza.

so much eating! HEHEHE and i got my jumpsuit! whoohoo!!! one less item on my “wants” checklist. haha

feeling: good :D AND fatty, big boss… are all NOT AROUND. i am free to do whatever shit i want!! WHOOHOO

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