as serene says… all chooed up!

yesterday was the jimmy choo launch for h&m. lucky for us, its out in our city! YAY. unlucky for us, there are some crazy girls for those shoes. my friend really really wanted to go, so FINE we’ll go. anticipated meeting time: 4:00 am in front of h&m. we are going to camp outside! omg. i went to bed the night before with 3 hours of sleep, and we started waiting. by the time we got there, it was actually 4:30, and there were 85+ ppl in line in front of us. though somehow, by the time we got our wristbands at a little before 8, there were more than 100 in front of us. though, i am happy we all got all the things we wanted! including clothes, even though we were 100+ in line. and i felt better since by the time the store was opening, there were more than 550 ppl in line! and the collection for h&m was surprisingly very similar to what is available this season
the camping outside kinda sucked though. there were all these crazy hobos, the floor was hard to sleep/sit on, cold!! (no wonder hobos have layers), catfights, etc…

the results of my “all nighter” were:

beautiful booties! :D

gladiator heels!



some flats


a suede dress O_O tho i think i should return it. when would i wear it???


and… a belt!


i think if it all fails, i will just sell it on craigslist haha

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