argument with mom

i was driving.

mom: slow down. you’re driving too fast. the speed limit is 60
me: alright. don’t worry (though i don’t slow down)
mom: its the local streets! slow down
me: alright. alright. (slows a LITTLE)
mom: omg. if you don’t slow i’ll stop paying for your insurance
that just pissed me off, considering i’m giving her 1000 a month
me: fine! wherever we go… YOU drive then. i just won’t drive. you want to go to a crowded chinese plaza, YOU DRIVE
mom: keeps going on blah blah blah
me: or you know what? i’ll just pay for it myself! and take it away from the 1000 i give you. i’ll give u less
mom: oh is this how you treat me? blah blah blah
omg. makes me so mad. i TRY to save money even though i give her so much a month, but its hard. i do buy nice things for myself, but you know what? i’m STRESSED about life. i buy things to make things feel less stressed. and i AM really trying to save. no jokes. now she’s mad and i’m mad too

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