this is so upsetting!!! i specifically put all my dryfit clothes together to wash since I was doing the laundry

my mom put in the fabric softener for me… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

now ALL my dryfit clothes are ruined! this is SO UPSETTING..!!! esp since i waited SO LONG to wash them

i specifically put them separate… and waited til i was doing the laundry

but she did it without my knowledge. i didn’t HEAR the stupid machine stop GAHHHHHHHHHH

and this includes my new addition to the dry fit collection… NEW!!! my sports bra… NOOOOOOOOOOO

sad sad sad

AND the thing is… i DID learn my lesson from before… when i tried to separate… they STILL put the fabric softener… and i’ve TOLD them not to. omg omg

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