another yucky day to a yucky week

at first… my day was going relatively well. i was really hoping for sunshine and i got it. bestie at work maybe to cheer me up after losing my tokens and falling on the stairs, treated me to breakfast and lunch today :( reminder to self to treat him next time. but all of a sudden, it just felt like everything was crashing down. even though i was not that happy, i tried to put on a face, but your bad mood just kind of ruined it for me. all the inner turmoil feels like it’s coming out and i feel like i can’t do anything to stop it. what to do… and then oil splattered everywhere and i cut my finger. it really has become not really a good day… again… i wonder if i can eat my meds without food… not that hungry. i hate januarys. februarys. march… i never feel good until may/june. worghhh

even watching new cutie isn’t really cheering me up. ahhhh

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