Another day and August is upon us

My honeybunny left me again for another few months!  I am alone to roam in the city!  What will I do with my time?  I probably have lots to do, but in the meantime I will drown myself in Olympics!

I don’t particularly care or cheer for a particular country, but it’s so exciting to see the best of the best compete with each other in friendly sport.  I can’t complain with all the topless fit men in speedos diving now can I?

My goals for the week:

1. Start studying by the end of the week
2. Do my nails!
3. Do a face mask!
4. Start working out again!

I honestly feel like my age is starting to catch up with me.  It seems that I am getting fatter, or my stomach keeps getting bigger.  Why do I feel like I don’t look good in photos anymore? I really need to start watching what I eat!  I suppose this is a minor worry in the grand scheme of things…

I also realize that I need to figure out a new makeup look.  Now that I have a summer tan, it seems that the usual colours are not working as well as they normally do!

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