another beautiful summer day

this weekend’s the annual night market at metro, but i decided not to go as
1. you stink from the stinky tofu
2. too many people and lineups
3. the food is mediocre for the most part, but there’s good atmosphere
4. too many activities in the weekends coming up!!!

as i had hoped, this summer has been excellent! :D so much to do… so little time!

if i can ever find one, i want a cute summer hat like this! the details give it such a romantic look and you can take it anywhere… to the beach, going out!!

i must say i am very pleased with my jcrew pencil skirts! they fit perfectly, the length is just right, and i LOVE the patterns! now i am tempted to buy more :(

the other day while waiting for dan to get off work, i was at mango and i was surprised to find that their sizes had finally gotten smaller. i’m actually a small vs xs! though that made me feel fat -_____- must start gym routine again.

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