another 2 weeks to go…

so… with 2 weeks to go and august will be over, and it will be fall. i feel like there’s always something to dread about in the fall. when things start to look less sunny, less warm and friendly. when the leaves fall and become bare, and we all start to bundle up with layers upon layers. for the majority of my life, fall was about the end of play and summer, and back to school. this year, although i do feel a little sad, i am actually more on the excited side to go to asia and visit most of the places i’ve always wanted to visit. i find travelling and discovery to be such a joy. to soak up the local culture and atmosphere. to see the history of the past people. to compare what’s outside of my daily fishbowl life. i find this all exciting and fun. if i could, i think i could probably travel to every part of the world, less the ones in civil war/dangerous conflicts affecting my life.

i think for next year, i’d want to go to greece and egypt. or, another asia trip, this time to everywhere else such as taiwan, thailand, korea… but… i also want to go to harry potter land, universal studios, disney… cause might as well if you are already in florida. this would take a week. then, i have come to appreciate all you can eat/drink tropical resorts. they are so relaxing. i see why some people go every year. the ability to fly away from your problems during a dreary winter week is pretty appealing.

also, going to china (as i am chinese and never been before), i feel like i could feel and see a touch of my history, which is interesting as well.

my course is now over. what to do with my time…! O_O

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