WHOOHOOOOOOO spain wins the world cup! i was worried it would be over after hobo’s shower… but it turned out that it was 0-0 and overtime just started! i suppose i have an affiliation with spain because i really enjoyed my visit to barcelona, and the fact that i know of the historic strife in spain between the catalans and the rest of spain, and the fact that there were a lot of catalans on the team. haha. it units the country. YAY!

i also went to see lady gaga. amazing show :D i love gaga~ wawa for gaga!! it was unlike any other concert i’ve seen live yet. it had a very raw less produced vibe to it if it’s even possible given it is a very smoothly produced show. she interacts with fans way more than other artists though, which i really liked! she’s so talented!!! possibly the best concert yet! there was fire, fireworks, moving costumes, dancing, singing, very elaborate props, burning statues, blood… haha. i love you gaga

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