almost got scammed

i think i almost got scammed the other day while at forever21.

i saw a dress that i’d really liked and brought weeks ago, except i got it in the wrong size. lucky for me, they had my size! AND its probably one of the last ones left since its from a while back. so i put it on hold so i could exchange later in the day. i come back in the afternoon of the same day and… i got 3 scenarios
1. at first… i can’t find your hold… my response: the girl beside you at cash did it for me. so now she goes to look for it.
2. then…the item has a massive rip and can’t be sold anymore. sorry. it was put in the back corner…. my response: impossible! i put it on hold JUST this morning. can you check in the system for me for the same item? the girl offers me an associate on the floor. i told her no. there’s only one left. she asks… what size again?
3. later… the girl comes back out and MAGICALLY has the dress. her reasoning: someone else had it on hold, but i guess i’ll give it to you.

WTF? as if she’s doing me a favour giving it to me when it was probably mine on hold to begin with, and likely a store employee just stole my hold thinking i wouldn’t come back for it? omg. i think i would’ve asked the manager for compensation if they couldn’t get me my hold. i’ve never felt so scammed in a store in my life. i usually do the scamming. the fruits of my determination for $23.50. YAY. perfect for the blackjack tables?

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