allergic to cold weather

this summer… i’ve been having the PERFECT skin… no pimples… no eczema on the lips… but once august and the weather change hit, it was all over.  thus, i conclude that i am allergic to the cold weather :( it’s the only logical explanation. i am waiting to go to asia… and escape at least for another month from this dreadful weather. it feels like fall. i don’t like that feeling because:

1. it means another year would have passed. another year of few accomplishments
2. winter gives me a hard, gloomy, long feeling in my heart
3. crazy insane retard weather and traffic delays!!!
4. never seeing sunlight… and when i do see it, it’s too bright!
5. the crazy in between weather where it’s not too hot and not too cold. i always get confused as to what to wear

i think it’s mostly number one… even though i know technically it’s not true… :(

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