After some hiatus… the urges are back!

After coming back from Hong Kong and Asia, my urges to go shopping had gone away… or so I thought.  Well, it’s back and stronger than ever!  It did not help that the other day, a coworker I almost never talk to suddenly came up to me and said “I love what you wear.  I should hire you as my personal shopper!  Where do you shop?”  Hearing things like that just makes me want to shop even more! :(  It is a vicious never ending cycle.  I haven’t shopped at Anthropologie for a while now, perhaps even the entire summer as I just didn’t see anything I really liked.  However, I found many items I liked all of a sudden.

I can’t win against Anthro can I? :(

Then Zara has a new and improved website where I can see all the items and their listed prices.  The H&M Lanvin collection is also coming out soon.  My poor wallet!

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