a week into the job

so a new job. a year in, i found a permanent position. true that it was a lateral move position title wise, but there was a slight increase in salary levels. to be honest, i can’t complain with the job change, with the major differences being:
1. higher wage
2. benefits!
3. a permanent position, under a unionized environment, which means i really can’t get fired
4. vacation days! which are very important in my books, plus sick days on top!

i do feel relieved to get out of the previous environment, away from the nice but distant boss with close connections to important people, away from FATTY the farter and burper, away from all the office stories and politics that come into play, discontent from the branch reorg, people not being promoted while new ones are constantly brought in, the workaholics that they are, etc…

the new environment is to say the least different. it’s in a building of private companies, so the elevators, hallways, washrooms, everything is nicer to look at. i’m on the 20th floor beside the WINDOW! and we share the floor with an insurance company. the branch is in setup mode, so tons of things happening, from setting up procedures and guidelines, controls, etc etc its a way smaller working environment, with only 12 people so far, which is great. more bonding? the new coworkers seem friendly and nice. i really feel a different vibe than the cold place that was the ex work environment. i think i’ll have to get used to the warmth LOL. though my only complaints are that
1. new boss man seems all over the place, smart guy, just… his hand dipped in everything
2. bossman seems like quite the secretive guy. interesting really. “LOCK UR STUFF IN MY OFFICE… we don’t share the financials with ANYONE… not even managers at the branch… they all want MONEY!!”… he even got one of those privacy screens LOL
we’ll see how week 2 will go…

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