a marriage proposal?

so today was another one of my usual boring days at work with really nothing to do. during lunch i went to the mall again! gotta make use of my metropass while i have it. on the subway back to work at bloor, there was some crazy man shouting obscenities at the ttc subway driver. i stared with curiousity while hoping the driver would close the door soon cuz i was standing right by the doorway and i would feel a lot safer with the door closed. the doors kept starting to close, but as if by mechanical failure it would reopen. so the crazy guy finally leaves the driver along and walks up toward my car. he stops at mine and says: hi you sexy lady, do you wanna marry me? – oh great. the crazy guy wants to marry me.

then on the subway ride home, there was another crazy guy who sat across from me. good thing there was this other guy there who was sitting closer to the crazy guy than i was, and the girl beside me made me feel more secure or i would’ve left and found another seat away from them. this one, also swore but more softly and kept talking about things. i didn’t pay attention, tried to focus on my new twilight book. interesting enough, the girl sitting beside me had the same book. except i was on page 40 and she was on 240.

i like these weekly meetings with my girlfriends. i love them so.

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