A Historic Day – Obama is President!!

This must be how people must have felt back in the day when they witnessed WW1 or WW2.  They were part of history in the making.  I felt this way back on September 11th, when the twin towers crashed.  I remember the moment exactly.  I was in grade 10, and we heard the news in class.  It was absolutely surreal as I’d JUST visited the towers the past summer.  It’s now gone??  I was one of the last people (sort of) to be on the tower??

Now history has rolled along, and the first black president is crowned!  He brings hope and change.  He is young, technologically savy, and I feel would be in tune with, and to be able to represent an average american.  He is smart… a graduate of Harvard Law! and his wife Michelle as well.  Amazing amazing story and so smart too.  I love Michelle’s style.  I LOVED her dress by Isabel Toledo for the inauguration ceremony! And her kids’ clothes were so colourful and cheerful, from one of my fave clothing retailers that don’t exist in Canada, JCrew!




look at the red tights! excellent colour coordination. :D the satin sashes are so cute too.

I liked their coats for the We are One” Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday too.  So pretty!

I feel in awe when I see the crowds of people, not only in Washington’s National Mall, but around the world, gathered to celebrate, commemorate, and just to be part of this event is amazing.  Then there are so many celebrities a part of it which helps to drive the excitement.

At first, I was merely curious about Obama, but after watching his speeches from during the election, he is an amazing public speaker.  McCain was good too, but there’s a magnetic draw to Obama that is hard to explain.



The couple at the neighbourhood ball looked so sweet together! teehee. Very excited day indeed. (although my post is a day late!!)

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