snow snow snow

omg i was walking to the station after class and there was a sudden flash of lightning. omg when is there lightning ever when it snows? i was so scared!! then there were SO many ppl waiting for the bus. i was lucky i got a seat. haha. or else i would be standing for like.. an hour for the ride home. then there was this man who was like.. bus driver mon! keep going don’t stop! the bus is full! HAHAHAHA then… the roads were SO jammed. on steeles i was like.. hum. how come there’s no cars on the other side of the road? like… 10 buses were all stuck not moving and blocking the whole road. (on steeles west of bayview) i guess cuz of the snow and the hill and they couldn’t move. then… there was an ambulance and it was stuck and couldn’t move even tho it was making sounds and lights cuz all the cars in front of it were stuck. THEN… on steeles east of leslie near my house all the cars were like.. making whizzing sounds and i smelled burning rubber cuz they were stuck and couldn’t get up the hill to donmills. MY GOD. it took me an hour on the bus to get home. such crazy crazy weather. how can they NOT close the school? it seems worse than the other day… mmmmmm

i saw this girl with the smallest butt EVER on the bus. HAHA

my boots were wet for the whole day. god that was so gross


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