fred’s not here


whoohoo! figured out how to post pictures :)
today was a good day. yut lean bay yut lean ho.
to be blunt with no dam sum is good too

went to winterlicious to fred’s not here again. haha. we should’ve went to try somewhere new huh? the lobster soup was excellent. my duck two way? was strange. lol. some pidgeon with some sausage thing O_O and choco mousse cake. i think i liked danno’s watermelon ice more than my cake tho. maybe i shouldn’t have had the duck and chosen the pasta instead. mmmm oh well. other than drinking so much water, the waitress said: you guys are gonna float your way home, it was good =DDD

homework day can be for tomorrow~ workout too?
to god: let me have willpower please

to package: will you arrive tomorrow?

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