Another Day of Olympics

It’s Sunday already, but for some reason it really doesn’t feel like it. I am always in a reminiscent mood when August hits, as I know that once it’s past Labour day, summer is pretty much officially over.  It seems that when Fall hits is when “business starts”.  I always get sad about this – everything is just easier, faster and more efficient in the summer.

It’s been less than a week, and I’m starting to get honeybunny withdrawal symptoms.  I don’t think watching the Olympics to distract myself is enough anymore.

Speaking of the Olympics, for the first time ever I have an IPad and CTV’s Olympic app, so I can stream all the sports from the leisure of my desk.  I started watching all these sports I normally wouldn’t watch on TV out of curiosity, like dressage, wrestling, trampoline (who knew those were Olympic sports!?! It’s pretty interesting and luxurious to have!

Long Weekend Friday

It’s finally long weekend Friday!  What am I doing tonight…?  To be honest not that much!  I watched a lot of Olympics!  Track events are starting!  I’m under the old school thinking that Olympics are not truly there until you see the strongest and fastest runners.  They are so amazing to watch, especially the 100m sprints where mere milliseconds can separate winners from losers.  Then I watched some shot put (why are those guys so big and bulky) and throw in some Shipping Wars while we’re at it.

I started watching Storage Wars and I was hooked.  Shipping wars is on a similar premise, where transporters bid on shipping jobs of goods across the USA.  The lowest price wins and they are expected to ship the goods to its destination within a certain time frame.  The winner of the episode is the one who makes the most money from that day’s shipments.  It’s a little less fast pace than Storage Wars as each episode only follows two shipments, but the more interesting part is the stuff they transport – from the two episodes I watched, they transported a star wars ship replica, a mini truck trailer go cart, a DDR machine, a pig, a goat thing, some guinea pigs, 20 peacocks… pretty interesting.

I was about to go out and shop for some deals at the summer clearance, but I check my credit card and reminded myself that I really shouldn’t given all these other expenses coming up in the next two months.  I did a good job!  Hunnybunny would be proud.

I ordered “Thai Style Milk Tea” during dinner today.  It was actually pretty good surprisingly and reminiscent of Thailand itself.  I miss Thai milk tea!

Blogging Once a Day

Blogging every day consistently is actually pretty hard.  You really have to put in the effort, time and dedication to make it work.  I spent the evening looking for NYC hotels and man they are expensive!  I am currently debating whether to get a cheaper place and use that money towards food or to just be a baller and go broke.  The cheapest I’ve found so far is around $300/person for 4 nights.  Why is NYC so damn expensive?

Long weekend is coming up, though so far I have no plans.  I suppose I will just relax and see how things go.  My August goal of starting to study hasn’t started yet, nor of my wish to finish my last drama.  There’s so much to watch on TV from the Olympics.  Funny enough, I’m finding myself following it much closer than before and watching all the sports on TV.  I never realized judo was such a big event!  I also didn’t know there was indoor cycling.  I doubt Canada will score a gold, so I’ll just cheer for individual athletes I have soft spots for.

A project I thought was coming up at work has failed to materialize.  Now I will in the corner to be sad and bored (until day end tomorrow comes)!

There’s a new show on TLC that looks interesting called Breaking Amish – about 4 Amish youth that choose to leave their families and way of life for NYC.  Seems like an interesting concept.  It debuts on Sunday at 10 pm!

Another day and August is upon us

My honeybunny left me again for another few months!  I am alone to roam in the city!  What will I do with my time?  I probably have lots to do, but in the meantime I will drown myself in Olympics!

I don’t particularly care or cheer for a particular country, but it’s so exciting to see the best of the best compete with each other in friendly sport.  I can’t complain with all the topless fit men in speedos diving now can I?

My goals for the week:

1. Start studying by the end of the week
2. Do my nails!
3. Do a face mask!
4. Start working out again!

I honestly feel like my age is starting to catch up with me.  It seems that I am getting fatter, or my stomach keeps getting bigger.  Why do I feel like I don’t look good in photos anymore? I really need to start watching what I eat!  I suppose this is a minor worry in the grand scheme of things…

I also realize that I need to figure out a new makeup look.  Now that I have a summer tan, it seems that the usual colours are not working as well as they normally do!


A lot of changes are happening, I feel like it’s getting hard to keep track!  I also need to sleep way earlier as I think I’m slowing dying from the inside every morning and it only gets worse.  I’m slowly becoming a panda lady.  Thank god for makeup.  I think sleeping will also help me keep track of my life.

I took the hit on my wallet and purchased from Chapters The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The read isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, though I really need to get through a good chunk of it before my mentoring meeting next week.  I feel like it’s almost a progress report, but it’s good because it keeps me on track of my targets and goals. Aja aja fighting!

A few months has passed?

So, the new job has started and the initial freshness has faded into a je ne sais quoi.  I like that I feel I see more of the ugliness that comes with it, although I suppose all offices have some of this.  I also feel like I can’t do things right lately.  With a more senior job position comes with additional responsibilities and larger consequences.  The coward me just wants to stay at home and lie under the covers, but I know I need to be brave and just face it – make myself better and better with every single day.  :(  Need to be brave in this world! AHHHH

Also, I should start acting like a grown up and budget, look to the future, etc… but it’s pretty hard…

NYC in a whirlwind…!

It didn’t feel that long ago that I was in NYC, although I suppose it has already been 2 weeks!  What fun!  In a snapshot:

Day 1:
- Arrived in NYC early in the morning, and went straight to Sephora to book our Anastasia lash appointment and some mini shopping while there and at Saks next door.
- This was followed by going to the Rockafella Centre, did some quick shoppping at Jcrew and Anthropologie
- Walk/zoomed past Times Square walked all the way to Kyotofu for a pre-lunch dessert, and from where we walked to Shake Shack for lunch
- Next, we went to SOHO for some quality shopping at Victoria’s Secret, Pink,  Uniqlo and Jil Stuart.
-  Pretty tired as we were, we went for a very satisfying omakase at Morimoto!
- We also picked up some Artichokes pizza on the way home for breakfast the next day, before we called it a day.

Day 2:
- Head to the MET for some cultural activities. :)
- Given it was a nice day, why not take a mini hike through Central Park with a Haagan Daaz ice cream bar, where we found BOTH the Alice in Wonderland statue and the beautiful fountain
- After finding the fountain, we wasted no time in going to lunch at Morimoto Ssam (although it was a bit of a disappointment)!
- We decided our mission that day was to hunt for TOMS – we went to a variety of stores in the area which lead us back to Broadway and eventually into SOHO again (while wearing our new TOMS)
- Although Floral Doc Martens were very tempting, I ended up getting rainboots from Tretorn, and we also made a pit stop at Links.  We took a break at Sunrise mart with a mochi and a cold drink!
- As it was getting late, we made our way to the Brooklyn bridge, not only to soak in the view, but to have some pizza at Grimaldi’s!
- We were pretty exhausted by the end of this, so we head back to the hotel with our leftovers to save for breakfast the next day

Day 3:
- Waking up, we make our way to Times Square for souvenirs at the M&M shop and the Hersey shop, although before that we made a pit stop at the Nintendo shop at Rockafella center that we missed the first time around.
- Holding our heavy chocolates, we go to Sephora to get our brows done (as well as additional shopping)
- Next, we go to Saks  to buy creams and perfumes!
- We drop off all our goodies at the hotel, only to head out to 5th avenue!
- After exploring Bloomingdales, FAO Schwartz, the UGG store, Tiffany’s and a wallet later, we realize that it’s already 4 pm and we were way overdue for lunch!
- The menu of the day was Xian Famous Foods, located in Chinatown!
- After a scenic walk through Little Italy…
- Obviously, we go back to SOHO for the stores we didn’t yet go to, such as Madewell, Topshop, Aritzia and Steven by Steve Madden
- Dinner at Gramercy Tavern!
- Some drinks at the bar, and the day’s over!  Did I mention Gramercy gave us a muffin to take home for breakfast the next day?

Day 4:
- Finally, we have a day where we sleep in (until 10 am har har)
- After some initial packing, we head to Momofuku Ko for a foodie’s delight
- To finish with a restful and relaxing afternoon, we go for mani pedis :)
- This was followed by a stop by Koreatown for Faceshop and some Pinkberry!
- Of course, to culture ourselves, what is a trip to NYC without a stop by Guggenheim?  (we were lucky because it was free after 5, including an audio guide!)
- A rest in the hotel and more packing, we head to Ippudo for dinner

Day 5:
- As sad as we were to leave, we stopped by the Nougatine by Jean Georges for some brunch before heading to the airport

most of our food, except for Momofuku Ko where pictures are not allowed!

Thoughts in the Aftermath

What a wonderful whirlwind trip!  I did almost everything I wanted to do, except the Harry Potter exhibit and seeing the World Trade Centre site.  I wished I had time to walk on the Brooklyn bridge, though I suppose that can be saved for next time.  In retrospect, it seems like we did the most in the first few days and it slows down near the end (maybe because we burned out?).  We also didn’t go to any sample sales (that I was thinking about going to, but in fairness there was no sample sale I felt like I desperately had to go to), but I did buy everything I’d wanted to buy so I can live without them!

I love the diversity and the hustle bustle of the city, that seems to have everything!  I want to go back… maybe in a year for another whirlwind trip, for more food, sights and shopping!

Countdown: T-5 days

I can’t help but to feel nervous about the new job coming up.  I admit that I’ve grown quite comfortable where I am now, and don’t necessarily want to move.  Plus, overall I work with great people that feel genuine and do care about you (to an extent).  Also, it does feel like there is a community aspect where you can bond with your fellow coworkers and it’s nice when they throw parties because they really do boost team spirit.   You definitely feel appreciated when you know that the managers took an extra step to fund the entire party privately themselves given that there’s no other funding otherwise.

However I suppose it’s when you feel comfortable that it should be time to move on and move up while you’re at it.

Summer in the City

Central Park... wait for me! I'm coming!

For the past month, Toronto has been engulfed in a heat wave!  As much as it is painful and suffocating, I’d take warmth over the snow any day so I’m really just taking it day by day and enjoying it.  Also, rain has been non-existent (a bonus!).

The past while has been a roller coaster ride, but on the good side I finally found a new job so yay for me!  It’s a contract position, but I can’t complain when I can finally escape from bossman!!! What a sigh of relief.  Maybe workdays will now be fulfilling because I have to actually do something…

In other news, now that August is fast approaching, it also means that I will be in New York City soon!  We have booked/made decisions on where we want to eat, and every lunch and dinner are basically decided.  My mouth salivates thinking of this.  I just hope the food will be as good as I imagine them to be.

Just the past weekend, I went for summerlicious at North 44.  Unfortunately, their food this time around was a bit disappointing.  A few years ago, I went there for Winterlicious and it was one of the best meals I had in Toronto.  I’m not sure if it’s because my standards have gone up or the quality has gone down, but I got:
- the pear salad -> this was alright, but you can’t really go wrong with a salad
- halibut -> this was a bit on the dry side.  I wished there was some sauce to go with it
- banana strudel -> way too sweet and not really my kind of dessert

I don’t think I want to do another Summer/Winterlicious for a while… I hate when they let me down. :(

lately it feels like i’m in this downy mood that’s hard to get out of

i also feel pretty nervous about last week’s interview because i actually really want that job.  i suppose it’s all over and nothing i can really do now as i did try my best.  i just had a sudden gut feeling that i’m going to get a call that says “unfortunately you don’t qualify”.  a little depressed.

it didn’t help that i had a dream about work, and waking up thinking it was saturday. it really can’t come fast enough…!